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How Do Driver App Features Benefit Taxi Drivers?

You need an online solution for your business to remain competitive in the market. Technology has seen a lot of innovation over the past few years. Taxis are no exception. There is a growing competition from less expensive transportation services like Uber-like or car rental companies that offer similar services at lower costs while still offering better customer service than the traditional taxi firms do. being able to change quickly enough can help you set your taxi above the rest of the taxis who are looking to launch their own version of the service too.

There are many types of taxi apps that are available on the market. However, one type is for established companies that are struggling to survive. This app allows customers to book rides and grow their client base. It also helps drivers find potential fares quicker than they have ever before.

Two different apps were developed by the developers to cater to the needs of drivers and passengers. This gives drivers as well as passengers more control, and allows them to access the features they need.

Need-to-have Driver App Features

A key element to maintaining loyal customers in the taxi business is ensuring that drivers are in complete control of their apps. Driver-friendly features enable customers to concentrate more on their job and make it simpler for them. This can lead to more efficient service delivery.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers prefer to use mobile apps that can reduce efforts and provide the best practices. GPS tracking systems track where the passengers are, but once they have shared permission, it becomes more simple for a driver in need of finding them at any given moment since they will know exactly where his/her family members are.

Availability Button

Drivers can now utilize their phones to indicate that they are open to new requests and take notes. They’ll be notified whenever there’s a new request. This allows them to locate a new fare as well as all information such as the location.

Driver Dashboard

With this new feature, drivers will now be able to know how they compare to other passengers in terms overall performance and receive useful statistics and information about their journeys. It is also possible to see comments from other riders to see if there’s positive or negative feedback.

Email & SMS Alerts

Important notifications will be delivered to taxi drivers via SMS or via email. You can answer your passengers’ concerns through an intuitive interface. This is great for both the two parties.

Start/End your journey

It is easy to locate your location with maps. They will also display the drop-off and pick-up points which makes it easier for all involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

When a customer requests transport they’ll know if it’s accepted or denied within seconds. If the driver does not respond within 15-30 second of receiving the message through the app, then it indicates that there are no vehicles are in the area.

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